We are a team of

skilled designers from

various walks of life

Great Design for the Greater Good.

Studio South + Shore is an independent, woman-owned graphic design firm with studios in Dallas/Fort Worth, San Diego and Tampa. Our focus is strategic marketing graphic design for education and nonprofits.

We absolutely love connecting organizations to their target audiences through beautiful design. We are unique in that we are not an agency, nor do we do branding work. We prefer to continue to master our craft by focusing wholly on marketing design, incorporating our skills in typesetting and visual strategy.
Our work is attention-grabbing, clean, and free from all unnecessary extras (decoration). We only accept a few projects at a time to allow ourselves space for deep thinking and true problem solving. Win-win.

Meet our

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Meet our

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Strategic Graphic Designer Jessica CarloStrategic Graphic Designer Usra Attalla
Jessica Carlo
Strategic Graphic Designer
Usra Attalla
Strategic Graphic Designer
Merna Ahmed
Strategic Graphic Designer
Monique Meyer

Our process &

how we flow


We are quite obsessed with print and layout design! Our design process is crafted to positively impact your organization through high-quality visual storytelling. You should be seeking modern design and have a desire to stand out amongst a sea of sameness! Big picture thinking and uncommon approaches to attract attention excites us. We choose to work with organizations that are confident in our ability to do great work.


Strategic + Fresh
We start with a thorough evaluation of your business goals and take research-based approaches to finding the best design solution. We design pieces that adapt, iterate, and evolve with the changing marketing climate. With strategic modern design, your projects will always be relevant and exciting.


Simplicity + Razzle Dazzle
With expert knowledge in typography, typesetting and layout design, we pay strict attention to all the little details that work together to enhance readability, which ultimately maximizes your target audience engagement.


Through design consultations, creative concept development and art direction, we create pieces that align with your strategic goals and objectives. Our process involves each step of the design process and we are highly successful when we work with you as collaborators, not as client vs. designer.

Steps in the Design Process
Step 1: Orient

First, we collaborate with you to identify and define the problem, answering questions like, “What is to be accomplished? Who is your audience? What are your goals?” Design is fundamentally problem solving. Our job is to be the experts and to collaborate with you and guide/educate towards the best possible solution.

Step 2: Research

Second, we will dive deep to investigate, gather and organize information. In this step, we are learning who you are and continuing to ask questions and draw conclusions based on analysis and data.

Step 3: Ideate

Once we have a solid foundation, we can thoroughly develop our ideas. We will use the information we have collected for insight on design direction. We will present to you thoughtfully visualized and composed concepts.

Step 4: Design

We will generate sketches and make design decisions to find the best solutions to the design problem at hand. You will check proofs and approve final design at this stage.

Step 5: Implement

Lastly, we prepare finalized files for print/uploading and deliver completed project(s) or help you to distribute completed project(s) to your target audience.