Society of Architectural Historians

A 265-page reference book, a survey, and a brochure funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to be used by provosts, deans and architecture programs at colleges and universities across the world.


July 2021 • October 2021


Book • Research Design • Brochure • Print • Digital


Color Palette • Strategy • Design


Based in Chicago, IL, SAH aims to equip the public to think critically about the central role that architecture, design, landscapes, and urbanism play in the quality of everyday life. They provide leadership to ensure that knowledge and understanding about architecture, landscapes and planning form the foundation for both assessing new design solutions and conserving the world’s cultural heritage.

This research project, called the SAH Data Project, is the first national, in-depth study designed to assess the health of the field of architectural history, which includes the history of architecture, landscape design, urbanism, and other fields related to the designed and built environment.

SAH collected quantitative and qualitative data about the status of the field of architectural history in US institutions of higher education. This book, brochure and survey design are the visual representation of many years of this data and research.



This was our favorite project of 2021! Our strategy for this design was to use the established SAH brand typography, develop a new color palette based on their single brand color (red), and turn their powerpoint slides of research data into sophisticated, professional, yet exciting reference materials.

Our design goal was to empower their target audience by clearly showcasing new opportunities for positive change in this field. SAH expressed wanting truth + credibility, and for their audience to have complete confidence in the findings and in the effort that went into this research.

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We formatted 180 graphs to match the overall design and did not use any images, at their request. This was a challenge we absolutely loved! How awesome is it to work just with type?!! The Student, Faculty and Institutional Narrative Survey responses couldn’t be charted on a graph, so we designed them to be displayed on the SAH website in pdf format.

Project Photography: Stacey Jemison

Thank you for developing a unique and elegant solution! Thank you for developing cover designs that dovetail so nicely with the project itself!! The color palette you chose is really great—challenging, interesting, visually engaging—certainly a wake up call for a report that’s all data.
Pauline Saliga

Executive Director - Society of Architectural Historians