Rachel's Network

A 16-page annual report that serves as both a promotional and marketing piece and is printed on 100% Post-consumer waste recycled paper.


February 2021 • May 2021


Annual Report • Booklet • Print • Digital


Color Palette • Typography • Image Sourcing • Strategy • Design


Based in Washington, D.C., Rachel's Network is named in honor of Rachel Carson and is a community of women funders committed to a safer, healthier, and more just world for all. Their members fund projects in sustainable agriculture, environmental justice and health, conservation, climate change, and more and occupy over 100 director positions on the boards of major environmental organizations. Philanthropy Women calls them “one of the most significant funding networks in the ecofeminist space.”

What's special about this piece?

This project was a strategic research design of a print and digital annual report that serves as both promotional and marketing material for one of the most significant funding networks in the ecofeminist space. The result of the challenge to make this more than a standard annual report came the idea to create a postcard inside that readers can tear out and send to friends to spread the word about this organization’s work!



Rachel's Network wanted their annual report to reflect on the successes of 2020, while also inviting their community to share the organization's work with others to get others involved in their efforts. They expressed the need for this booklet to appeal to a larger female audience, not just "earthy" women.

With a goal of expressing renewal, abundance in adversity and spring/growth, we designed this 16-page book to be printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.

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We proposed having the printer print names on the back of the report and mailing it as-is from their shop, instead of Rachel's Network's staff stuffing envelopes, as they had done in the past. This approach ultimately saved Rachel's Network time and money, and they avoided wasting paper by not using the envelopes!

Cover design: Alex Bowman; Project Photography: Stacey Jemison

It was a pleasure working with Monique on our annual report. She is very thoughtful and creative and we are so happy with the outcome. She did a great job capturing the spirit of our organization and was accessible the whole way through. Highly recommend.
Erica Flock

Communications and Advocacy Director - Rachel's Network