Questa Education Foundation

A rebranding of conference marketing brochures to help Questa appeal to a diverse group of people, invite them to apply to their programs, and inspire others to donate to their cause.


March 2020 • November 2020


Brochure • Series Design • Print


Color Palette • Typography • Image Sourcing • Strategy • Design • Print Production


Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Questa helps individuals to access postsecondary education, graduate with less debt, and become contributing members of Northeast Indiana’s workforce. Questa’s vision is to lead the region with innovative solutions that empower lifelong learners to achieve their educational dreams with financial freedom, ensuring the future and success of Northeast Indiana.

No boring tri-folds from our studio ever!

"Welcoming, inviting, and relatable" was our goal with this brochure rebranding project. To reach this goal, we began by exploring brighter accent colors to freshen their current color palette and we tested handwritten typography to soften their voice.



We designed these brochures to be quickly and easily identified by students based on their classification (Traditional vs. Contemporary vs. Parkview), and the die cut on the bottom right corner of each brochure allows for this. The die cut also allows students to easily open the brochure to the content inside. For these brochures, we recommended using a combination of real student imagery from Questa and Adobe Stock images to give these mass appeal.

In addition to redesigning the student brochures, we also redesigned Questa’s Partner Brochure to showcase their regional impact in hopes of inviting local companies to invest in their cause.

UTA AdsFoodCorp Research ReportFoodCorp Research ReportFoodCorp Research Report

Designed to be distinctly different from the student brochures, we created multi-level pages on these to make the layers of information easier to digest. We again used a combination of real student imagery from Questa and Adobe Stock images to illustrate how Questa’s scholars are worth the investment.

Project Photography: Stacey Jemison

Monique was great to work with. I work for a small nonprofit that often gets overlooked because we don't have a large budget, but Monique was responsive and gave us great quality work like we were a big client. She was very flexible when deadlines changed, and always delivered when she said she would. I would definitely recommend!
Hillary Troup

Scholar and Marketing Specialist - Questa Education Foundation