First Church

A stewardship mailer and return card to help members make informed giving decisions.


Oct 2018 • Dec 2018


Mailer • Brochure • Response Card • Print


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Recently celebrating 50 years of ministry as the first organized church in the city of Coral Springs, FL, First Church leads by, “We Love First,” based on Jesus’ teaching that loving God, loving each other, and loving our neighbors is their top priority.

With its members being the lifeforce of this church, thus enabling the church to support the local community through its ups and downs, there is a need to streamline the flow of income so funds can be distributed evenly.

This stewardship mailer was designed for church members to make an informed decision-with their families, on their own time, and in the comfort of their own homes-about giving.



Relying solely on asking for donations on Sundays during church service and through the website, church staff found that there was a decline in giving over the past few years. It was determined that members felt they didn’t have a connection to the church financially and that if they skipped a Sunday or two that they would just forget to give.

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The first of its kind to reach this audience, the brochure mailer made a huge impact in the increase in giving as members gained clarity on how funds were being used year over year. They felt that they wanted to do their part and give consistently.

Monique, I have attended this church for many, many years and we have never had anything as nice as this come through the mail, ever! I think church members will be surprised and excited to open this and read the material…and hopefully give!
Peter Borsella

Staff Parish Leader