Florida Charter Schools

A set of EDDM postcard mailers for the communities surrounding two Florida charter schools.


April 2019 • July 2019


Postcards • EDDM • Mailer • Print


Strategy • Design • Print Production


Florida Charter schools are performance-based centers of learning and teaching characterized by a challenging curriculum, highly qualified teachers and rigorous accountability to parents, students, state and district authorities.

Two Florida charter schools were seeking help due to a drop in enrollment. We designed suggested doing an EDDM campaign (Every Door Direct Mail) to prospective families that showcased school programs and highlighted positive aspects. Using large postcards was our strategy to help these stand out in mailboxes. Using each school's colors in addition to branding from their academic programs, we felt these postcards where eye-catching.

We limited the amount of content in hopes of getting people to use the QR code. Adding QR codes was a request by the organization as a way to track how effective this mail campaign would be against a digital campaign. We did not think that people would scan the code after receiving this in the mail, but we will always support an organization's marketing plan.



We managed the print production of these, working with the selected vendor to successfully push an EDDM campaign to zip codes surrounding each school..

Nearly 50,500 of these postcards made their way to homes in the Orlando and Tampa areas.

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These postcards had a couple of rounds of mailing throughout the 2019-2020 school years.

So bright and inviting and exciting! Thank you for modernizing our look! These are great!
Michael Strader